My Productivity

OK here is another facet of my life that needed some attending to.  I always felt like I wasn’t getting enough done.  Sometimes I wondered how I worked an 8 hour day without getting fired!  LOL

But the truth is that when you are self-employed, you are really doing the jobs of probably 5 people.  So it is a lot more noticeable when things DON’ T get done!  YOU ARE THE CEO NOW – Chief EVERYTHING Officer!

It is much more important now for you to get as much done in your day as you can – because there is no one sitting in the corner waiting to pick up your slack.

And in my case, I know that at the end of my day, I feel a whole lot better when I have accomplished everything on my list.

I have a few friends who are “life coaches” and “business coaches” that I thought would be able to help me.  I am sure they could have, but they wanted me to pay them more than I thought I could afford at the time.

So again, I got online and researched different ways to increase my productivity.  The best product that I found was by Donald Wong, who is an Executive Coach and author.  This is what Donald Wong can do for you:

My name is Donald Wong and I’m an executive coach. In my books, keynotes and consulting I focus on proven, practical steps you can take to improve your effectiveness, and the effectiveness of your staff and your company.

All of my programs are straightforward and focused on helping you understand EXACTLY what works to make you more effective at work, happier at home, and immune to burnout and stress – keeping your company growing faster – while enjoying a more balanced life.

So, if you want to:

  Quickly boost productivity using systems that work every time
  Understand how to recharge quickly after stress
  Get more done in 1 day than most people get done all week
  Know who to hire and how to find them (step-by-step SOP included)
  Save relationships that have been hurt by your past overwork
  Finally enjoy a balanced, highly productive life

Then join me in this course today.

His program was quick and easy to understand.  It is a reasonable price at $47 – which was much more affordable than hiring an in person coach.  I was able to do a lot of what he taught right away.

Click here for more information on Donald Wong’s Productivity Hacks!