Int’l Shipping Service

We understand that there are many items that US stores have that you want.  But most US stores do not ship internationally.  We can solve that problem for you.

Just do your shopping online from whatever country you are located in, use our mailing address, and we will consolidate your packages and ship them to you – where ever you live.

We charge a flat service fee of $25 per shipment plus the shipping charges.  We will consolidate your purchases into 1 box and let you know what the shipping charges will be.  You will pay the shipping invoice, and we will ship your package.

It is as easy as that.  You will be responsible for the shipping cost on our end.  On your end, you will be responsible to pay for any duty tax once your package goes through customs.

Just send an email to and let us know that you want to use our shipping service.  We will reply with the address to have your packages sent to.  Then we will let you know when we receive your packages.  We will prepare the packing list for your shipment so it will be easy for your package to make it through customs.  We will consolidate your packages into 1 box and give you the cost to ship to your country.  You will prepay the shipping costs and we will ship your package.  Then in your country, you will pay any customs and/or duties taxes that are applicable to your package.

Here are some examples of the shipping cost would be for a 10 pound box to different countries:

(Plus $25.00 service fee)

(All delivered within 7 – 10 days from when we receive your packages)

France – $83.00

Ireland – $83.00

Australia – $104.00

Philippines – $104.00

Slovenia – $116.00

Nigeria – $136.00

Kenya – $154.00

So send us an email at and let us know you want to use our service.

We will send you the address to have your packages delivered to.