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I have FINALLY found the most incredible bloggers to follow and learn from.  They are completely slayin’ it with making money on their blog.  I have been following them for about a year now and I have just finished taking their Blogging Course!

So instead of me reinventing the wheel, I am recommending their courses!  They have put together THE MOST COMPLETE PACKAGE and it is one of the most fairly priced courses out there.  They have been doing the “blogging” aspect of the business a lot longer than I have – and really truly have ALL of the information you need to be a successful blogger and online business master!

In the 30 day course, they even give you what I call THE SECRET SAUCE!  All of the contact information to get sponsored posts!  This was the final piece of information I needed to really pull my website from not complete to COMPLETE!  I can now subscribe to all the websites that companies use to find websites like yours and mine to contact when they want to work with us!  Like vacation companies that will sponsor a trip for you if you review the resort.  And companies that will pay you to put posts on your blog!  That is really what you are looking for.  That is where the money is in blogging!

Heather & Pete Reese run the successful blog It’s A Lovely Life and the popular Facebook group Start A Money Making Blog with roughly 30,000 members!

Heather has been blogging for over 12 years and has grown the site to be one of the top lifestyle and family travel sites.

Pete works on the blog full time managing the business aspects, contract negotiations, and affiliate marketing programs.

Heather & Pete are passionate about showing both new and experienced bloggers how to become successful bloggers themselves.

They actually release their REAL AND TRUE income report every month to prove what they are doing is actually working.

So I would recommend you doing two things if you want to have a successful online business:

First – Click here to enroll in their FREE 5 DAY CRASH COURSE on how to get your blog started!

A note from the authors of the course:

“Our goal is to give our students the knowledge and support that is just not available anywhere else. We’ve developed a curriculum that gives you real world information and advice from us….experienced bloggers that are making a great living from blogging itself.