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I believe that all of us can ALWAYS learn something new!  So if you are a beginner, in the middle, or are an advanced marketer – there is something here for everyone!





12 chapters of great information for the beginner!


9 Chapters with everything you need to know!

STAY FOCUSED – CHROME EXTENSION – StayFocusd increases your productivity by limiting the amount of time you can spend on time-wasting websites.

HOOTSUITE ACADEMY – Hootsuite Academy offers free courses on not only mastering the Hootsuite Dashboard, but how to develop high-level social media marketing skills to grow followers, engagement, and business results. Sign up for Hootsuite Academy to start learning for free.




 HASHTAGIFY.ME Find the best hashtags to use for your material.  It also has Top Influencers.

 FIGURE IT OUT – CHROME EXTENSIONFinding the best times to post on social media is tricky. And if you’re trying to reach audience members in international time zones it’s even hard. Enter: Figure It Out.

The free Chrome extension beautifully displays the time zones that matter to you, and will let you know if there are national holidays in places you need to reach. This can help you save your best content for the best times—increasing reach, engagement, and business success.


Some of the most valuable social media marketing resources we’ve got for helping you get started on social media in the best way possible and helping everyone find more success with social sharing. Checklists, spreadsheets, guides, and photos—we’ve bundled it all together in a free download for you!

 The 7 Best Resources for Social Media Marketing

The Definitive List of Social Media Acronyms and Abbreviations, Defined



MYBLOGGUEST – is a community of guest bloggers in which you can contact to blog on your site.  Or you can be a guest blogger on someone else’s site which gives you more of a target audience when you are just starting out.

STORIFYWith the free version you can create, edit and publish from a single place, drag and drop social content or to re-order content.

MYHOURSthis tool keeps track of your hours for you. 

The Ultimate List of Guest Post Blogs this list is done by Guest Post Tracker – which I have a subscription to – but the free list is exhaustive!


 MOZ – Beginners Guide to SEONew to SEO? Need to polish up your knowledge? The Beginner’s Guide to SEO has been read over 3 million times and provides comprehensive information you need to get on the road to professional quality Search Engine Optimization, or SEO.

GOOGLE MAP MAKER – lets you put your map on your website.

SURVEY MONKEY – Put surveys on your website and social media for more engagement from your audience.

GOOGLE KEYWORD PLANNER – Get keyword ideas to help build your campaigns with the AdWords Keyword Planner.

MARKET SAMURAI – FREE TRIAL DOWNLOAD  – Top 10 SERP comparison module outputs a color-coded grid of various key ranking metrics.

LOCAL KEYWORD SEARCH TOOL – if your target audience is in your location, this search tool gives you the correct keywords for your location.

 GOOGLE ANALYTICSDiscover which social sites are sending traffic to your website.

SERP PREVIEW TOOL – Enter your title tag, meta description, and URL to see how they’ll appear in a Google search result.

WHATSMYSERP -free site that includes advanced SEO tools including a bulk, on-demand, and safe SERP checker which easily and quickly checks the top 300 SERP results for your website ranking, for up to 25 keywords at a time, with a single button click.

 MOBILETEST.ME – lets you see how your website will look on a phone or tablet.

 BITCATCHA – How fast is your website loading for your audience.  Really important that it loads fast enough or you will lose your prospects.  Check it out here!


 GOOGLE ALERTS To find content to use for your marketing. With Google Alerts you can monitor the web for interesting new content, mentions of your brand or even yourself, your competitors, industry leaders and so on.

FEEDLY– Feedly allows you to customize the sites you are following, so you can segment by general industry trends, clients, competitors.

GOOGLE TRENDS – Discover TRENDS and see if what you are writing about is current and relevant.

PORTENT’S CONTENT IDEA GENERATOR – Great tool for TITLE generator -gives you ideas on what to write about for your target audience.

PORTENT’S- How to Create a Content Strategy (In Only 652 Steps) – Great guide on how to write content.

HUBSPOT’S BLOG TOPIC GENERATOR – just give the program 3 nouns and it will come up with ideas for your blogs!

READ 0 METER –  just copy and paste your text and it will tell you how long it will take for an average reader to read yourarticle.

A SOFT MURMUR –  I use this ALL THE TIME because my office is either too quiet or there is too much going on.

HELP A REPORTER OUT – (HARO) – You can sign up at this website and reports will send you emails when they are looking for experts (in your field) to send them articles or information on the topic that they are reporting on.  You will get credit for your input.  Join the 475,000 + HARO users already using our service to connect with journalists. Registering is simple and only takes a minute out of your busy schedule!

CONTENTGEMS – is a content discovery engine. Everyday, it scans hundreds of thousands of articles from the best online sources and presents you a stream of relevant and timely content.

COPYSCAPE – Compare articles or web pages.  Enter any two web pages or articles below to see how they match up. You can also check your content against the entire Internet with Copyscape Premium.

ENIGMA – public data platform is the world’s largest and most robust store of government information. We make it easy to search across diverse public datasets, discover new datasets you did not know existed, and explore the connections in between them. Follow your curiosity and find the answers you need.

GOOGLE PUBLIC DATA – search on any data and get results for what is out there.

TRIBERR.COM  – A community of bloggers and influencers come together to read and share great content.


 HOWSOCIABLE – is a handy tool for measuring your and your competitors’ social media presence.

ICEROCKET  – This tool offers blog, Twitter and Facebook monitoring in 20 languages, as well as results graphs that you can play with. It allows you to choose the period of time you are interested in monitoring.

OPENLINKPROFILERBacklink Analyzer -You can see what backlinks your competitors have.

SIMILARWEB – get insights for any website including monthly visits, Alexa rank, etc.

Bulk Moz Link Checker – Add the links to check, one per line. If the domain normally uses www. then please include it for accurate results. You can check 3000 links a month and up to 200 a time.

MOZBAR – this is a great little extension that gives you all the metrics you need for any website that you are on.

REVERSE INTERNET –  competitive intelligence- really cool stuff!

SIMILAR SITES improves your browsing experience with Sites like the ones you’re looking for. To start, just type in the domain of a website you like, and we’ll show you a whole new world of websites you’ll love.

WOORANK – From SEO to Digital Marketing, use WooRank to analyze and optimize unlimited websites.

ONLINE BROKEN LINK CHECKER – checks your website for broken links – great tool!


 KISSMETRICS – Beginners guide to Twitter Marketing

8 Useful Tips To Become Successful With Twitter

TWEETDECKA scheduling tool is a must for any social media marketer.

FOLLOWERWONKTwitter Analytics: Find, Analyze, and Optimize for Social Growth

TWITONOMY –  Get detailed and visual analytics on anyone’s tweets, retweets, replies, mentions, hashtags


KISSMETRICS – Beginners guide to Facebook Marketing

 LIKEALYZERhelps you to measure and analyze the potential and effectiveness of your Facebook Pages. It allows you to monitor, compare and explore all the possibilities of your Facebook Page by evaluating your activity to ensure your success on the most popular social network in the world – Facebook. Our free of charge Facebook analytics tool will provide you with detailed information and explanation of identified issues, tips on how to address these issues and much more.


SIMPLY MEASURED  a free Instagram report in exchange for following their Twitter account, and the level of detail on the report makes that a great deal.

SQUARE LOVIN in-depth tool for a free analytics platform. It displays metrics on recent posts and growth, a monthly analysis, and a history of your posts broken down into year, month, day, and hour.


Influencer marketing is the process of marketing to individuals instead of marketing to your target market as a whole.  For example, a fitness brand might target influential fitness and health bloggers in a hope that they will write or Tweet about their products and promotions. Influencers hold a great deal of authority within certain communities and on certain topics. An endorsement by an “influencer” means that prospective buyers are more likely to be receptive to a brand’s message.  So you will always want to find the”influencers” for your target audience.

FOLLOWERWONK – can be used to identify social media influencers who are following your competitors but aren’t following you.

 KREDgood entry level tool for those interested in getting to grips with influencer metrics. Influence is measured by evaluating mentions, retweets, replies and follows on Twitter.

TRENDHUNTER  – see what is trending – Top 100 lists for tons of stuff!


 HEADLINE ANALYZER – Write better converting headlines.

 FOCUS WRITER –  a simple, distraction-free writing environment. It utilizes a hide-away interface that you access by moving your mouse to the edges of the screen, allowing the program to have a familiar look and feel to it while still getting out of the way so that you can immerse yourself in your work. It’s available for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X, and has been translated into many different languages.

OTRANSCRIBE – For transcribers, this tool allows you to upload your audio or video file and features a word processor with controls for the audio on the same page.

HEMINGWAY EDITOR APPmakes your writing bold and clear.

The app highlights lengthy, complex sentences and common errors; if you see a yellow sentence, shorten or split it. If you see a red highlight, your sentence is so dense and complicated that your readers will get lost trying to follow its meandering, splitting logic — try editing this sentence to remove the red.

PRO WRITING AID – This tool features a large number of checks on your writing, from vague words to sentence length and overused words. There is a FREE version but it is only $40 per year if you like it.


WORDCOUNTER –  ranks the most frequently used words in any given body of text. Use this to see what words you overuse (is everything a “solution” for you?) or maybe just to find some keywords from a document.  Wordcounter is useful for writers, editors, students, and anyone who thinks that they might be speaking redundantly or repetitively — and it’s free!

GRAMMARLY – CHROME EXTENSION makes sure everything you type is easy to read, effective, and mistake-free.

WRIDEA – For collaborative writers, this tool will help you share ideas, make suggestions, comment, categorize, and generally make collaborative writing easier.

WORDREFERENCE – word translator tool

PLAGIARISM CHECKER – lets you check your article/paper for plagiarism.

EVERNOTE – whenever an idea comes to you, you can quickly put it on Evernote and save it before you lose that very important thought!

CLEARVOICE –  this has an editorial calendar you can use, content insights, influencer discovery and concepts & pitching resources.


The one thing that I struggled with for a long time is finding royalty free photos to use and how to make them look great on social media and my website.  Here are some tools to help with that.

CANVA – you can edit your photos here and make them look sharper and brighter, add effects, etc.

PIC MONKEY – I personally use this site a lot to edit my pictures.

EASEL.LY INFOGRAPHICS TEMPLATES – Thousands of Infographic templates!

INFOGR.AM – The easiest way to design and share interactive data visualizations. All within minutes.

MEMEGENERATOR – Free site to create memes – words over your pictures.  Easy Peasy!

3D BOOK COVER – how to make a 3D cover for your book.



Email Format – This is the greatest tool when you need someone’s email address at a specific company.  You just type in the website of the company and it gives you all the information that you need to figure out the persons email.  Or in some cases, you can click on Representative and all their email addresses come up!

FREE EMAIL VERIFIER – Verify the emails on your list to make sure they are valid email addresses. This email verification tool actually connects to the mail server and checks whether the mailbox exists or not.

MAILTESTER – This program lets you test to make sure the email address is correct without actually pinging the account.

GOOGLE DATA SCRAPER – Scraper is a very simple (but limited) data mining extension for facilitating online research when you need to get data into spreadsheet form quickly. It is intended as an easy-to-use tool for intermediate to advanced users who are comfortable with XPath.

RAPPORTIVE – this little gem puts your gmail contacts social media links right in your contacts – so you never have to leave gmail for that information.  How cool is this?