Places to Go

There are so many different places to go in the United States, I am not sure even where to start.

But I can tell you that there are a variety of ways to see this great country and I think I will start there.

For an adventure without driving, Amtrak has this RailPass service that you can pay for a certain amount of days, and you can get on and off the train when ever and where ever you like.  I am definitely going to try this soon.  I have a client who is 85 years old who does this all the time to go play chess in his favorite parks around the country.  How cool is that?

My daughter just took the Amtrak train from West Palm Beach to Tampa and said that it was very clean, had wi-fi and electrical outlets to plug your phone or laptop in.  She was really happy that she did it.  The price was only $30 each way!

So click here to go to the Amtrak website and find out about their RailPass!  And if you do it, please let us know so we may feature you on our blog!

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