Website Traffic

Guys and Gals – Please realize that you can have the prettiest and best website in the world, but if no one knows you are there – it is worth NOTHING!  You cannot run a business without traffic.  This is true for brick and mortar stores – and especially true for online businesses.  We all have a lot of competition and the websites with the most traffic running back and forth between your social media, website, blog and landing pages wins!

There are several ways to get traffic to your website – and we are going to be speaking about low or no cost methods here on this website.  I told you I was going to show you everything I am doing to promote this site.  I will be adding more methods as I test them so I can recommend the best ones.

So here for now is the first of many FREE ways to gain traffic to your website.

You can join this site for FREE – at least do that now – even if you are not ready to use it.  Watch this video and you will see why it is important to at least join now.  You will have the ability to message everyone that joins the site after you, but not before you.  So why waste time.  You do not have to pay a penny to get on the list.  And you can have IMMEDIATELY thousands of new leads generated for you for like-minded people.

This site will give you the ability to message thousands of people one time (in the free version).  But what if out of 1,000 messages, you get 20 buyers to your site?  For NO MONEY?  That is a 2% return which is pretty good for this online market.  And what if those 20 buyers purchase $50 worth of products or services from you?  That’s $1,000 in sales – not bad for not spending any money to get those sales.

So – yes – our FREE way of getting sales will take a little bit more time, and as we start making sales, we can increase our marketing budget and start spending some money – but just know that you are not going to go broke to get business to your site.  We trade time for money here – until the site is self-sustaining and then we can scale up as we want to.

And if, once you take a look at this system, you want to do what I am doing and “stair-stepping” up my membership through Moneyline to gain more and more leads and actually make money from sharing this site, please email me at