Your website is the HUB of all of your business.  Your social media, your articles, your advertising and your clients will all revolve around your website.

Everything that you do will start from and come back to your website.

The more RELEVANT AND CURRENT your website is, the more attention you will get from the search engines.  This is why you want to have a lot of activity on your website.  The search “spiders” are going to look for websites that have a lot of people looking at them, have a lot of articles out there, and a lot of different sources of links to the website like social media, YouTube, etc.

So even if there is a website with the exact name of the search keyword, if that website has been inactive with no one looking at it, that website will show lower in the search results than a website with keywords close to the exact name and a lot of activity.

If after reading this page, you do not feel that you can build your own website, nor have the time to do it, we can build it for you.  Just head over to our SERVICES page for details.

Go back and check out the Blogs that I have on the Blogging page for ideas for your other pages.

Go and look at what other people are doing that you want to do.  It’s good to know who your competition is anyway, and you can probably get some good ideas from their websites.

You definitely want to have an ABOUT ME page, because the more personal you are, the more your followers can connect with you. This page will focus on explaining the history of your company, your company’s mission, and what you do to make your prospect’s life easier and better.  You can explain how you achieved the expertise you have in your craft, or let them know you passions and lifestyle.

If you have a few different subjects that you will be covering, make them all separate pages.

You generally need at least 5 pages to have an effective website.

If you are selling your own products, you will have a  Products or Services page  which will hold all of your products.  We will talk more about this in the WORDPRESS page.

Your CONTACT US page will have a form for your prospects to email you their requests or questions.  It will also have your contact information or your email address at least.  If you are like me, not really going to be in one place, then I just used my email address for a contact.  That is all anyone needs to get in touch with me.  As customers purchase my services, I will give them my telephone number in the email I send them confirming their order.

Your BLOG will be the page where your news begins.  It will include all of your articles, press releases, and news about you and your company.  It will also include any community information that you want to share with your target market audience. On your BLOG page, you will publish your writing of articles and posts on your website.

If you are going to have your blog as your main page, you are going to want to post at least a few times a week.  You might want to think about having pages for different subjects to let Google have an array of pages to choose from.  This website that you are on has a lot of different pages, but you don’t have to have even half this amount to be effective.

Articles that you write will contribute to increasing your influence and boosting your website’s search engine results.

Any and all information that you post on your blog should be sent to your social media accounts.  This is how you will get traffic to your website.

This page will also hold your videos which will be fed from your YouTube account.

You need to have a Privacy Policy and a Terms of Service – I have a separate LEGAL STUFF page for you to find out what you have to do for that.

So now you are ready to go to the WORDPRESS page where you can start putting together your website.