Sell Your Own Products

If you want to sell your own products, whether it be jewelry  that you make, books that you wrote, or products that you will purchase from a manufacturer and dropship to your customers, there are few different avenues that you can use.

Shopify is very popular today and is very easy to use.  There is a monthly fee to have your website on Shopify but I think it is well worth it.

Etsy is great for homemade or handmade products.

Ebay and Amazon are both great for products that you want to sell that are manufactured and you will either ship yourself or dropship to your customers.

With all of these websites, they have huge marketing budgets and are doing alot of the work for you.  Even though you still will have to market your products – they are helping you get customers by having a huge customer base already.

If you want to sell your own products on your own website, you will just need a PLUGIN that let’s you set up your products and a way for your customers to pay for the items.  I am using a Paypal plugin on this website.

If you are going to brand yourself and your products – you will need a logo to start off with.  Everything that has to do with your marketing should be “branded” the same.  Recognition of your product will be important – as studies show that it takes prospects between 7 and 13 times seeing your name or logo before they start to recognize it and trust it.


Or you can go to and find a logo designer! CLICK ON THE PICTURE!