I have been a Fiverr provider since 2013.   You can check out my profile – CLICK HERE

I have over 400 reviews and have a 4.9 out of 5 Star Rating!

UPDATE!  I have not been working on Fiverr for about a year now – but I still keep my account open because I actually use alot of other providers services.

I provide services mostly for internet research which people pay me for researching what ever information they need.  Some of my better clients always need travel information for where they are going – I find them hotels to stay at, things to do while they are there and meeting space if needed.

Other people need contact information for certain keywords or certain business targeted prospects.  Like someone will ask me to find them all of the chiropractors in a certain state or city.

The way I find the information mostly is to go to my online library website and use the online databases.  Or I just use Google to find the information.

One of my repeat clients just wanted me to research what famous people died of parasites.  It was interesting, yet gross, but I really learned alot.  I always learn alot while I am doing that research.

My clients are paying me A LOT of money for my research now because they know that I am fast and efficient and always get what they are looking for.  Check out the comments on my reviews.

I also created some videos for some contractors on Fiverr – this one I received $75 for.

The other gigs I provide are not so prevelant since I usually only make $5 for them.

The way I look at it is not that I am only making $5 – I add up what I am making for the day.

If I have 3 jobs and a $5 job only takes me 2 minutes to do – then the other 2 jobs that are for $50 and $25 but they take me 4 hours to do – I just add the $5 one in with them and it brings up my hourly rate for the day.

So look around the Fiverr site and check out all the gigs that other providers offer.  See if anything tickles your fancy.  Especially look at  the FUN & LIFESTYLE tab.  There are a lot of weird and fun gigs that people do that you may like to do too.  If you are good with the computer, you will definitely find gigs that you can provide.  Or if you have a nice, pleasant voice – you can do voiceovers or video testimonials for people.  They are making a ton of money.

When I was promoting my book, I had a regular looking guy do a video testimonial for me promoting my book for $5.  It was about 30 seconds long and he did a great job.  So if you do 10 of them in an hour, you would be making $50 an hour.  Not bad pay for sitting at your kitchen table at your house!

It is easy to get started on Fiverr.  It does not cost you anything to get started.  Just sign up as a provider and post your gigs.  You have to make sure to look at what your competition is doing for the same gigs and you can judge by them what you need to include in your gig.

I just did my “gig covers” on Powerpoint and made them into .jpeg files.  If you need help, let me know and I will walk you through it.

I will tell you that it is kind of frustrating in the beginning, it will take a day or two before you start getting noticed.  There are ways to promote your gigs on your social media.  And definitely check out the buyer requests that people are putting out for the services they need.  That’s how I got my first jobs.

And yes, you will probably be disappointed that in the beginning it seems that you are only making $5 and hour – but you get quicker at the work and quickly you are upto $10 an hour, then $20 an hour.

And OH BIGGIE HERE – Fiverr takes 20% of whatever you make.  So that $5 actually you get $4.  But for me – I think about it as protection that you are absolutely definitely getting paid for your work because Fiverr is like the middleman.  The person buying your service HAS TO PAY Fiverr first before you begin the work, and once the buyer accepts your job as complete, Fiverr releases your funds for pending clearance.  The buyer cannot decide just not to pay you without going through a resolution process if they are not happy with your work.

And Fiverr holds your money for 14 days before you actually get it – so make sure you budget yourself accordingly.

So for the first few months, you have to accumulate enough gigs to get to a Level 1 and then a Level 2 seller. Once you are a Level 2 seller, you will start getting a lot more jobs.  When I am searching for providers, I always only look for Level 2 or Top Sellers.  The trust factor is just not there until you are a Level 2 seller. That’s just the name of the game.  I think it took me 3 months to become a Level 2 seller.

If you want to sell services and hire other people to do the work – then you have to have a place to get the work done.  I use SEOCLERKS for any outsourcing that I do.