About Me


Hey – my name is Rose!  I live in Palm Beach County in South Florida, which I consider “paradise”.  The weather is grand and the people are even grander! I have always been kind of a “hippie at heart” and love finding new adventures all the time! There is so much to do here and I find that there is always some other adventure to go after! I grew up in New York, have lived in other places –  but I feel like there is a huge world out there that I have not seen yet.  And I am determined to see every inch of this country before I die!

Yes, I have a HUGE bucket list!

So it may seem that my “About Me” page is rather long.  But grab whatever your drink pleasure is, coffee, tea, wine, beer, ice tea and sit back and read.  I feel like you need to know some of my “history” to be able to connect with me.   I promise you that by the end of this story, you will say “Wow, I’m a lot like her” or “Wow, she’s really cool and I want to do what she is doing”.  If you say “Wow, she’s crazy and I don’t really connect with her” that’s fine too.  I live by the saying “I am who I am and I don’t need your approval”.  So if who I am is not who you would want to be friends with, that’s cool too.

Here is who I am in a nutshell:

  • I try to live life to the fullest every day
  • I believe that God is my biggest fan and he rules my life
  • I love my kids to the moon and back
  • I wear tank tops and jeans almost every day of my life
  • I like anything fast – cars, motorcycles, NASCAR, horse racing, greyhounds, slot machines
  • I like to play guitar, but only in front of myself and my kids
  • I really don’t like rules –  which is why “self-employment” really agrees with me
  • I have a few true friends but a lot of “acquaintances”
  • I am a true believer that everyone’s dreams can come true
  • I really like to be by myself a lot but also like to party
  • I love any kind of music
  • I have always been the “black sheep” of my family
  • I vape, drink a little, curse and don’t do drugs
  • I like to work by myself and not have to deal with corporate “rules”

I have figured out that my “purpose in life” is to help other people!  I get my greatest joy when I am able to help anyone with whatever they need help with.  So hence, here I am to help you get to where you want in your life to make it joyful, happy and successful in every and any aspect!  So there is alot here on this website – travel, shopping and how to support yourself with an online business.

I promise you I have a lot of insight to offer on how we can live our lives (in these crazy times that we live in) comfortably, self-sufficiently and actually have a good time as well.  I will show you ways to make a great income online, go places you’ve never been before and actually live a really fun life.  I will never lie to you and say that this was really easy.  It wasn’t – but I can make it easier for you.  I will never tell you to do something that I haven’t done.  I will always be positive, I will always be fun and I will always be trustworthy!

I am one of those people who have learned by doing – I taught myself how to market a business a long time ago when I had a brick and mortar window treatment store in Clearwater and sold over a million dollars in vertical blinds in one year.  I taught myself how to build websites and how to create great social media marks.  I have bought and read every book and every piece of information I could find on how to be successful at making money online.  I learned a lot from those books, and no matter how much or how little information they had, it always brought me to the next level of my business.  I have had successful businesses and I have had failures.  But I have finally found the “secret sauce” to put all the pieces of this crazy puzzle together – and I am going to show you step by step on this website.

So here is my story and I hope that by the end, you will want to join me on this really cool journey called “Life after children”!  And even if you are not in the same position in life that I am, I can help you start and run your business from where ever you want to be!  I can show you fun places to go and fun things to do while you are making money!  And even if you do not want to run your own business, I have a page that has a lot of opportunities to work from your home!

10346322_10203972498377778_293855933565527891_nI have 3 children – Michael, my son, who is married to Melissa.  He just turned 33 years old in February. He is in the Coast Guard and is doing very well. Melissa, a few years ago, at the age of 29, was diagnosed with a very aggressive breast cancer.  For a full year, she went through chemo, radiation and a lumpectomy and by the grace of the Lord is now “cancer-free”.

So, grandchildren for me, at this point have been put on the “back-burner” so they can spend some time getting their lives back to normal.  But her recent journey with cancer really showed me how important it is to live every day to the fullest!  Because they had a tiny little wedding on the beach a few years ago, they had a real wedding on Long Island in June.  It was amazing!

12274479_1061086993921605_3483201530466525829_nSavannah and Carmen, my two beautiful daughters, are 20 and 19.  Savannah just started her college career in the summer of 2017 and is a full time student at Florida State University in Tallahassee and Carmen will be gone in the fall of 2018.  I have been a “single” Mom raising my daughters since they were 5 and 6.  

 I took the role as Mom very seriously for the past 30 years.

I made it my mission to raise my girls to be independent, self-sufficient young women who could live life any way they choose not depending on anyone but themselves.  They are both smart and respectful – but totally opposites in personalities!  They have been a blast to live with and to this date, have been the most outstanding children I could of ever asked for.

I have stayed in one place for the entire time my girls have been in school.  I have worked on line for myself most of that time.  Now that they are grown, it is time for me to get ready for when they are both off to college and I can start living the way I want to live.  Travelling around the United States seeing everything I haven’t seen yet!

I live my life choosing to believe that my Lord is in control.  I feel like that what ever I have done in the past has led me to where I am today.  Whether at the time I thought I had made a “wrong” decision – I now know that it was exactly where I was supposed to be right then.  Check out myDaily Inspirationpage for daily motivation!

I try to eat a healthy diet.   I have always been slender, so I don’t actually “work out” a lot – but I do go hiking on the weekends, whether it be on the trails or on the beach, or go to any type of race – boats, cars, motorcycles or horses.

I will try anything once – and I am definitely attracted to anything fast!  I love NASCAR and want to visit every track there is in America!  So you might say that I am somewhat of a redneck – but I do act like a lady when I am supposed to!

So here starts my “making money” story. I had always worked in the corporate world, mostly in the construction industry.  I decided when the girls were starting middle school that it was not fair to them that I was working really long hours for a large construction company, and they could not participate in extra-curricular activities outside of school because I couldn’t get them there or pick them up.

So I decided to start my own business and work for myself.  I really always hated that someone could tell me how I had to dress, what time I had to show up – yes, I have never been good at “rules”!  So being self-employed really agrees with me.  In the beginning it was crazy because I was always trying to find the next “dollar” to pay the bills – and wasn’t able to concentrate on marketing the business. So it was like a vicious circle.  But through the years, I have learned a lot about myself and what I am capable of doing – and the best way to do it!

It was right around the time of the crash, and things were crazy in the world anyway. It just seemed like at the time that the smaller sub-contractors were laying off their administrators and really were lost.  So I started to help them market their businesses (which they never had to do before).  I was building their websites, getting them started on social media, and finding them leads to bid on jobs. Everything was really working out great.  I was able to pick the girls up at school and get them to their after school activities like Girl Scouts and sports.  They were happy that I was there when they needed me.


I was doing so well, I decided to try and make a go of getting a national clientele.  Really, no one knew me outside of Palm Beach County.  Self-publishing was becoming popular at the time – so I decided I should write a book to give me credibility and make myself known to everyone outside of the Florida area.  What I thought was going to be a small e-book, turned into a 215 page Contractors Marketing Handbook.  It is still selling on Amazon today – but I made my money from that book by holding seminars in the different areas outside of Palm Beach County.  I would sell seats at the seminars for $69.99 and the participants would get a free copy of the book which only cost me $15.00 to print.  So it was a pretty good profit, and I had sponsors who paid for the food and the meeting rooms.

picture2In the past few years since the trades are back to work, I stopped doing the seminars and decided to stay in my office and be a Fiverr provider and a social media specialist where I post for companies that don’t have the time to do it themselves.  I also have made a name for myself as an international internet researcher – where people actually pay me big money to research all types of things for them.  Mostly, it is finding companies contact lists for their target audiences.  But once in a while, I get fun projects – like I just named a restaurant that is a boat in San Diego  – Gatsby’s By the Sea!  All I had to do is come up with names for the owner to choose from – and that’s the one they chose.  Or I had to find a pair of men’s g-string underwear that looked like a giraffe for some girl in Australia!  I actually found 4 different ones for her to choose from! So it can be really fun doing research too!

It took me a while, but I have really learned how to stay focused and how to increase my productivity throughout all these years.

I really have been blessed over the past 9 years in that I have been available when the girls need me and I have made enough money to be self-sufficient in supporting them.

I am now going to enjoy the next few months getting ready to be an “empty-nester”!  I am totally thrilled that I was able to put them first so they have a chance to pursue their own goals and dreams. Now I feel like they are to the point where they are somewhat self-sufficient.  They are both working after school and on the weekends.  Savannah drives and has her own car.  They know how to feed themselves, do their own laundry and get their homework done!

So now it’s my turn!  I have always had that “Girl Scout-always be prepared” attitude and feel like it will take me the next few months to prepare for the next journey.  Now it’s time for me to really create a business that works by itself and is mostly passive income.  I don’t mind having to work a few hours a day – I will always have to do something each day – but now I want to be able to enjoy most of the day in doing other fun things.  In the past, I have sold products on Amazon and Ebay, built websites, did MLM Marketing, and whatever there was to make money.  I even did the storage unit auctions!

Right now, I am still a Fiverr provider and researcher which is making me a nice income.  I will continue to do this until this website is self-sustaining.  I am hoping within 6 months to cut back on my Fiverr work – or change it up so it is not sucking so many hours out of my day.

And that is where you all come in.  I know that if you are still reading this, you are either in the same position I am, and want to live a life full of fun and adventure while still making money or because of other reasons of your own, you want to be self-employed and get a real online business working.

So I want you all to know that it is possible to enjoy our lives any way we choose!  Yes, I am planning on traveling around the United States to see places I have never been to, appreciate the beauty of other states, and enjoy going to events that I always wanted to go to.  Then eventually, make it to other countries and parts of the world.

I will start out doing this by traveling in a van. I will have to work a few hours every day, but I will be able to work while traveling.  Our house is paid off, so I don’t really have many bills except for an electric bill and the taxes and insurance.  My girls, if they wish, can live at the house during the summers or when they are home from college.  I will either arrange to care for someone’s house while they are traveling, or stay in hotels that I am invited to.

I will explain all of this as we go along.  How I am making money, how I am going to travel, where I am going, what I am going to do, and how I am going to live on a day to day basis.

So, it should be a fun ride!  I will teach you everything you need to know about really making money online, whether you want to sell your own products or do affiliate marketing, so you can enjoy the same independent life as well!  Just sign up to receive our emails – and you will be able to come along for the ride too!  I will teach you things like how to get your domain name and hosting account, how to set up your blog or website, how to set up your email marketing, and even how to create your on-line courses!  We will do this together and by the time I am ready to get on the road, we will all be making money!  Hell, we might even meet on the road some day!

So go ahead and check out the other pages on the site and see what we are up to!  I have a lot of FREE resources so you don’t have to spend much money to get started in getting your business off the ground. But do realize that information is powerful – and some of it you have to invest in.  I have purchased so many books, ebooks and reports over the years – and mostly it has helped me to always get to the next step.

Please feel free to email me with comments or questions anytime.  I will be there for anything that you need.  You can reach me at info@gypsyrosefree.website  .

Happy Travels and I can’t wait to see you each day and show you what I’m doing so you can do the same thing for your business!  Thanks for coming along with me!

Create a Great Day! God Bless!