More pictures from my first week here!

On Sunday, we flew back to Nairobi then to the western side of the country to Kisumu, where the Kijana organization that I work with has their schools.  Mary is on the Board of Directors, so we were invited by the founder, Jim Cummings to visit with them.  It was an interesting visit and we learned a lot more than we knew about Kijana!  So here the four of us are at the hotel.  This hotel had the best shower – hot and great water pressure.  I was soooo happy!  The second picture shows signs at the school – all of them were so motivating!  The third picture is of the science lab that the kids do all types of experiments in.  The last picture is Jim and Ebby on the plane with us flying back to Nairobi on Tuesday morning.  It was a great visit to the school!  I will be doing an entire post on the schools.







So Mary and I have been taking “Uber” alot here – it would be crazy to try and drive!  Traffic in Nairobi is 10 times worse than New York City!  When we have a long way to go, you take a “matatu” a 14 passenger bus.  They are smelly, usually packed and the drivers are crazy!  Here I am at the airport waiting for our Uber guy to come and get us.  That afternoon after we got back after our hectic 5 days, we went for mani – pedis!  A nice afternoon of relaxation!






On Wednesday, we walked around the city to find the place to have our seminars.  We finally found it and now we are getting everything together for the workshops!  It is exciting and I will lay it all out in the next post.  Then we went to the Village Market to meet some friends.  I had been bugging Mary to go there because I watched a video before I got here about it and it seemed so amazing!  An outdoor mall with a movie theatre, bowling alley, mini putt putt and a water park.  Turns out all of that stuff isn’t even done yet!  I was so disappointed – but we had a great afternoon there anyway and it really is a beautiful mall/market.







On Thursday,  we had a few meetings in the morning, and came back to the apartment early so we could actually get some work done for the day.

On Friday, Mary and Elaine had to go to a funeral of a mother of a dear friend of theirs and it was about 4 hours away at Lake Nakuru.

So we got Stanley, their driver, to take us and we dropped the girls off for the funeral, and Stanley took me on a safari ride through the Nakuru National Park.  The overlook of the lake was awesome!

It was so peaceful – there was no one else around.  You are in the animals domain, and it seemed like they did not even care that you were there.  I am putting together a video that I made and I will post that when its done.  For now, here are some pictures of the animals.






And it is now 12 midnight on Saturday nite.  We went into the city today to get the flyers made for the upcoming workshops and this week I will be working to market the events.  Have a lot of posting to do, together with meeting other people that might have people who would be interested.  You will see a lot of posts this week on my social media about the event and you can click here to see what we are doing.  I will do a new post in the middle of this upcoming week to let you know how I am doing.  For now,








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