I have been in Kenya for over a week! It is amazing!

I have been so busy since I touched down in Nairobi, I haven’t even had time to catch up on my posts.

So here is a rundown of what I have been up to the past 10 days since I arrived.

I landed on the morning of Wednesday, February 21st.  I rested that day and Mary and I went into the city and had lunch.  Here’s a picture of my bed with my mosquito net.

The next morning we got on a train the to go to Mombasa for the StartUpAfrica conference.  The train is brand new and unlike the old train that took 12 hours to get to Mombasa, this one took half the time – 6 hours.  I was really amazed at the security at the train station.  There were 6 checkpoints that you had to go through to actually get on the train.  Metal detectors, xray machines for your bags, bomb and drug smelling dogs, and police with very big rifles!







We stayed with Mary’s friend James at his apartment in Mombasa.  It was very comfortable except for the water situation.  Here in Kenya, water is very limited.  You take quick, mostly “almost warm” showers. Here is picture of the shower and toilet together.  This is very common in Kenya.

We drove to the StartUpAfrica conference that was held in the city of Kilifi, which was about an hour away from Mombasa.  The resort that it was held at was amazingly beautiful.  It was on the water and had a really nice breeze outside.






On Saturday, we had no water at all.  So we went to the beach for the day.

The beach was nice, but not as nice as Florida.  The sand is white, but the water was not very clear.  It was low tide when we got there, and you couldn’t even go in the water.  But the water was really warm – almost like the Gulf of Mexico warm.  We ended up having a few beers at the outdoor restaurant.  It was a very pleasant afternoon.

 I will continue in the next post for the next few days.  As I said, we have had a really hectic first week and I don’t want the posts to be too long.

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