The time is finally here! I will be in Kenya in 1 week! And staying for 5 weeks!

So finally – I am about to get on a plane and fly to Kenya to be a “guest” entrepreneur in Nairobi working with Kenyan women’s organizations teaching the women how to start and run their online businesses.  Whether they want to sell their own products, other company products or just sell services, they will learn from start to finish how to be a successful online entrepreneur.

The first workshop that we will be holding is the Vision Board Workshop (just like the one we just did here in West Palm Beach).  The women will be able to really hone in on what they want to accomplish this year and learn how to visualize those desires on a daily basis using their vision board that they create.


We will be doing a lot of “work” there, but we will also be doing a lot of sightseeing and visiting the beautiful scenic areas of Kenya.  I will be staying in Nairobi most of the time, but have plans to visit Mombasa on the east coast of Kenya and some areas on the west side of the country.

If you are in Kenya and would like to attend the workshops – CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

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