Our Vision Board Workshop Experience was a Blast!

Ever want something so bad you can “taste” it?  Well, when you visualize that thing – you are telling the Universe that YOU WANT IT!  And if you visualize it EVERY DAY, it is definitely more apt to come to fruition!

That is why a Vision Board is so important!  The most successful people that we all know and love do vision boards – Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah Winfrey and all of the NY Times Best Selling Authors from “The Secret”, the famous Law of Attraction movie.  If you haven’t seen it, it is a must watch!  It’s on Netflix.  Go watch it today!

So last weekend we held a Vision Board Workshop and it really was very enlightening.  We had a transformational speaker, Tammy Torrell, who spoke to us about going after your PASSION!  And really the basis of this thinking is that even if you don’t know the “HOW”, as long as you know what your END GOAL IS  – the HOW will come to you, whether it be the people with the expertise that you need, the tools to do it with or even the money that you need to get it started.  The Universe will bring you everything you need.

This is what the tables looked like right before the event!

And this is what it looked like when we were all into putting together our vision boards!

It happens to me all the time! If I don’t know the “HOW” yet,  I will get an email from someone who has information that I need, or has a free training to learn what I need, or even work that I didn’t expect so I can pay for what I need.  It has gotten to the point that I laugh now when it shows up.  I just TRUST that it will.

A perfect example of this is when I was publishing my second book.  The feedback that I received from my first book was that the contractors wanted it on a CD so they could listen to it as they drove during the day because they didn’t really have time to sit and read it.  I really did not know how to get the book narrated and published on a CD without spending a lot of money.  Had no idea.  But the day that I published the second printed book, I received an email from Audible, the website that you can purchase audio books.  It said that I had 2 choices to publish an audio book.  I could either pay upfront for the narrator to do it and get paid my full commissions OR I could pick a narrator from their list that was willing to do the narration for no money and I would “share” the profits with him as the book sold!  VOILA!  I picked a narrator, and he took about 6 weeks to narrate the book and we are still sharing profits today!  That’s what I mean by the things you need JUST SHOW UP!

There was a girl on my Miracles Group call the other night that said that in her dream, she came up with this invention that she wants to bring to the world, but she has none of the expertise to do it.  She’s not an engineer, she knows nothing about patents and trademarks, or even product manufacturing.  But what they told her was that all she has to do is visualize it in her head every day, and the right people will show up.  But you must believe 100% that this is true.  Sometimes that is harder than it seems.  But I can tell you from experience, as long as you dream about, visualize it, and take baby steps – you will get it!  No doubt in my mind!

We also had Traci Thomas, the owner of Stellar Marketing Pros, talk to us about “Showing up and showing out” – you must take those baby steps.  You need to show up at the networking events, and the mixers, and the trainings.  You need to meet new people anyway you can because the Universe is going to bring those people to you.  You cannot just sit home and dream – you need to SHOW UP!  Such great advice!

We really did a lot of thinking at the workshop about exactly what we wanted to accomplish this year.  Then we broke down our main goals into little chunks – smaller goals that we could measure easily.  Like go to 4 events a month, or lose 1 pound per week.  Then at least we can see those smaller goals taking us toward reaching our big goals for the year.

So here are some photos of just a few of the finished boards!


So I will be in Kenya for the next 6 weeks and we will do a Vision Board Workshop there as well!

I will be doing a lot of posts from Kenya – so make sure you Join Our Community by giving us your email address and we will keep you up to date on what we are doing!


Create a Great Day!

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