So the time is finally here! I am going to Kenya for 6 weeks!

Yep!  You read it right!  I am going to Kenya for 6 weeks.  Mary and I will be holding seminars for the Kenyan entrepreneurs to help them launch and run their online businesses!  I am so excited!  There are organizations that have contacted me to help them with this – and since Mary is there already, she is taking care of the details so by the time I get there – we will be ready to rock n’roll.

The last thing that I am waiting for is to get my daughter Carmen’s lacrosse schedule because I want to make sure I am back in Palm Beach for her last home game.  The school holds “Senior Night” at the last home game where they announce the seniors and what their plans are for after graduation.  The parents generally walk the walk with the student and present them with flowers – and I don’t want Carmen not to have me there.  So as soon as I get that schedule – I can book my flights.

The first seminar that I will be doing is a Vision Board Workshop to introduce the Kenyan entrepreneurs to “planning” their year and goal setting.

We are actually doing one here in Palm Beach County on January 20th – so check out the registration page and join us!  It will be really fun and exciting!  Our “transformational speaker” Tamara Wimberly will be leading us off then we will discuss what your vision board really should do for you.  Then you can spend a few hours “playing” with pictures, glue sticks, scissors and making your own vision board!



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