10 months & counting…..til GypsyRoseFree has FREEDOM!!!

TODAY is the first day of school in Palm Beach County – which means if you have read my About Me page, you will know that my daughter Carmen, is going to be a senior in high school this year – which means that upon her graduation – I get to start my traveling adventures!  As of whatever day in May, 2018 graduation is – is my last day of being a FULL TIME MOM!  Digital Nomad – Empty Nester – READY TO TRAVEL!

Carmen is a beautiful, smart and adventurous young lady who loves life, loves having fun and is very creative!

She has been very busy this summer working 2 jobs, saving for a senior trip to the Bahamas in June of next year.  But when she wasn’t working, she was at the beach surfing, listening to music and just having a blast with her boyfriend and many girlfriends!

She spent time with her Dad in St. Louis, Mo – they haven’t seen each other in a few years and he was so happy to have her stay with him!  They went to some really beautiful places and visited some of his friends that have always heard about Carmen – but never met her.

Carmen and her boyfriend Zach and a bunch of their friends went to see one of her favorite bands the other night to celebrate the “end of summer” -they were playing locally and Carmen and Zach and all their friends got the chance to take a picture with them.  She was so excited!  And the band was really excited to hear that she had actually listened to their new album already.  They are an up and coming band who is literally new to notariety – they are not used to having “groupies” yet!  So funny!


The name of the band is Ellameno Beat – they are local from Jensen Beach, FL – here is a review about them from the Huffington Post.


“Stylistically, The Ellameno Beat blends funk, soul, disco and reggae elements into what is probably best described as surf-culture music.  It’s a unique sound, with an ebullient and expansive nature, that is remarkable for its sophisticated creativity, yet is simultaneously simple.  Frankly, it’s “savage” and “on point.”

–Randy Radic, “Single Premiere: ‘One of Us’-The Ellameno Beat”

Huffington Post 7/7/2017

So she is excited to get through this senior year.  Unlike her sister, Savannah, Carmen really does not know what she wants to do after high school – which is fine with me.  She does not really enjoy school like her sister did so I am not really sure what her plan is.  There are a few options that we are looking at – including this Global Degree Academy – which is a 5 year program – you travel to 5 continents in 5 years and do your studies online.  It sounds really interesting – and I think Carmen would really love to do something like this.  I have a lot more research to do on this program – but I definitely would love her to do this!  It is a little pricey for the Academy – we will have to figure out how we will swing it – but if there is anyone who can figure it out – it’s ME!


Since I knew that Savannah was definitely going to college – I had to figure out how to get her there without me spending a lot of money -so for the past 2 years, I have really learned the ins and outs of the financial aid system – and voila – I did it – I found enough financial aid and scholarships to send her to Florida State University!

I did such a good job researching all aspects of the financial aid system that I have started to do College Workshops in our local town of West Palm Beach for parents who need the same information.  We did our first one in July and it was a huge success!  The parents and students that attended were so impressed with the amount of information that we gave them.  We have also put together a binder with all the information that was presented – so they could take it home with them and start their own searches for financial aid and scholarships.

If you need this kind of information for your student or school, please take a look at the website and contact us if you would like us to schedule a workshop in your area. You can email me at rose@collegeworkshopusa.com.   The link is www.CollegeWorkshopUSA.com

So that is my story of the first day at school for my last child going into her last year!  I cannot wait until she is through and I get to start doing my own thing!  As a matter of fact, I am actually going to start a little bit earlier than that with a trip to Kenya in the latter part of January, 2018 for an entire month – I have been invited to do seminars to teach the Kenyans how to start and grow their own online businesses!  How cool is that!  I will be reporting on what I am doing to prepare for that trip in some later posts!


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  1. Rose, this is so exciting! I am thrilled for you and your daughters. Everyone is getting their own adventures. I love that you are helping others get scholarships. Have you checked out the Scholly app? It’s very cool. I can’t wait to hear all about Kenya! Keep going you amazing woman you!

    1. Thanks Fran! Yep – this will be my 30th year raising kids! And I am DONE! It has been an amazing time raising my kids and I have loved every minute of it – I felt like it was my purpose in life to get these girls through school better than I did and to give them a bright future in whatever they want to achieve in their own lives. I have been so blessed to have such great girls that the Lord entrusted me with! Now it’s their turn to thrive and grow into self-sufficient young woman. I will always be there for them whenever they need their Mom – but now its my turn to do what I have wanted to do for a very long time!

      Yes – I have heard of the Scholly App and I have it noted in the presentation material.

      I will be reporting on my preparation for my Kenya trip soon – so stay tuned!!

      Love ya always, Rose

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