How Your Blog or Website Can Grow Organically

So I told you that I was going to keep letting you know how my progress was going in growing this new website.  I told you that I was going to do it “organically” which means not pay for advertising.  It is really cool when you see “the fruits of your labor” start working and paying off.   I have had a couple of weeks of wonderful growth!  I am so excited!  I feel like we are gaining momentum and there’s no stopping us now!

I am still not doing as many blog posts as I would like, my regular client work is still getting in the way, but that will come over time.  But I am posting a minimum of 4 times daily to my social media platforms, using different pages on my website to send people to.  Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are all doing really well.

Through using Google Analytics, I can see that my social media postings are really paying off because I am getting almost half of my traffic through social media.   

I have always believed in the saying “The more you give, the more you get”.  So I received a few emails this month from people who have actually been on this site, and wanted to “trade” exposure.  This works so well because you are not paying for advertising, but other people are actually promoting your website.  Here are a few clips from those emails.

“I was looking for some information on stock photos this morning when I came across your excellent post:
I’ve actually created a site for free health and fitness stock photos.

Here it is:

I think it can make a great addition to your article.

Let me know what you think.”

This is something that I will definitely use because I am always looking for royalty-free stock photos for me and my clients.  It is a great website with all stock photos about food and fitness, diet and exercise, yoga and running and all the photos are royalty-free.  You can use them on your website or in your blog posts without any copyright infringement. I have a list of other stock photo sites on the FREE RESOURCES page. So check out this site!

I will be doing a separate post later this week about all of the FREE RESOURCES that I have here for you to use at your pleasure, but for right now I want to show you another email I received to “trade” exposure. This is from another website that did a wonderful post on Travel.  They wanted me to share their post on my site.

First of all, anyone who is nurturing a new website gets goosebumps when they see an email like this! Another company “LOVING YOUR CONTENT” not only makes your day, it made my entire week! So my TRAVEL RESOURCES page really needed some great content because all I really had was a list of resources.  So instead of just giving them a link, I asked them if I could use the post on that page for content.  So I now have their great content (with full credit to them) on my site, and they are going to promote their audience with my website info!  How great is that!  So visit this site as well – they have a wealth of information on Health and Wellness.  Click on the picture to go to their site.

These are just a few “payoffs” from consistently posting on your social media and targeting the correct audience.  All of my social media followers are purposefully targeted through the use of hashtags.  I search on a specific hashtag like “digitalnomads” or “travel” and I like and retweet other peoples content and they in turn come back and like mine as well and then follow me.  I spend about an hour each day doing this.

Doing my social media this way, I now have almost 17,000 followers on Twitter and over 10,000 followers on Instagram!

So now my next step will be to start finding all the bloggers and websites that I would want as “guest bloggers” and ask them if they want to contribute a post to put on my blog.  That way, I am giving them exposure and they will in turn promote my site to their audience.  I am working this weekend on putting together a website page for all the information for guest bloggers.  Watch for it!

Please leave a comment below if you have any questions that I can answer for you on growing your business the “organic” way!  Or any comments with other ideas you may have that our audience might want to try!

Thanks, as always, for being a loyal audience.  I promise you new and exciting posts on a weekly basis.  If this is your first time here, please Join Our Community on the right side of the screen and you will automatically know when the new posts come out!



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