What Makes YOU Happy? It’s in our DNA to be happy when we GIVE our time, treasures or talents!

I was sitting on my couch a few weeks ago reminiscing about my girls growing up and thinking about our “happiest” times.  Our happiest times I think have been when we were volunteering with organizations and helping other people!  I can remember doing beach clean ups with the Girl Scouts and giving out school supplies with the United Way.

My girls have grown up to be real “givers”!  Savannah has belonged to the YoungLife organization for about 6 years now and has gone many different places with that group to volunteer in different capacities.  Last summer she spent in Georgia working at a teen Mom’s camp as one of their food servers.  They did not get paid, they worked their tails off, but they had an amazing time and made some incredible friendships that will last forever.  But more importantly, she felt like she made a real difference in the lives of these teen Moms who they were serving!  She said as tired as they were each night, they all felt really happy and fulfilled!

And it seems that The Universe always brings me what I need to learn or see or do at that moment – so that night I was doing my usual thing before bedtime and just sifting through my Facebook feed.  And I came across this video of a Mom who has 3 children and she was doing a TedTalk on how 365GIVE got started – just her and her 3 year old wanting to make a small difference.  You can watch it here.

Sometimes I feel like I am the only one who actually watches the news each night (I feel like I have to know what is going on to protect my girls). After watching Jacqueline’s video, I feel like with all the bad stuff that is going on in this world – I really wanted a way to BE HAPPY EVERYDAY – so I decided to try doing at least 1 random act of kindness each day like she explained in the video.

OMG – I feel terrific!  Everyday I feel like even as small of a difference that it may seem – I am making at least 1 person’s day a little brighter than it was.  So I am putting this challenge out there to all of you – I bet you “dollars to donuts” that you will feel terrific too if you just do 1 thing each day to make someone else’s day better!  And these are not BIG things – these are small little things that will impact 1 or a few people at a time.  And I also bet you that you will get addicted to it as I have – and maybe down the road – we can start doing bigger and better things to make a difference.  But for right now, I am happy with these little things.

I am going to do a post each Sunday highlighting what I did each day of the week to give you more ideas – but for now – click HERE to get the list of really easy 100 Acts of Kindness that will get your wheels turning!  And I want everyone to leave comments on this post as you get started with your ideas or are doing something similar already that maybe we can join in as well.  And don’t worry if you miss a few days here or there – we all have busy lives – but I bet you that you will become addicted as I have and really try EVERYDAY to GIVE!!  CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO AND THE LIST!


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