How to Naturally Deal with Stress and Depression

This is a really important post today!  As many of my followers might NOT know, I am the Director of Operations for the West Palm Beach Mental Health Coalition and have been studying mental health for a few years now.  There are several reasons why I first started to learn about mental illness.

The most basic reason was that my ex-husband was diagnosed with BiPolar Syndrome while we were married and I wanted to make sure that my girls did not follow in the same footsteps.  I wanted to learn how to “heal” them BEFORE they ever got to that point.    Why is he like this?  What caused this condition?  Why was he “mis-diagnosed” for so many years? What can I do to prevent it?

I also got very concerned when the “school shootings” started to happen several years ago – I wanted to make sure that my girls knew what to do if something like that happened at their school – where to go, what to do, how to help others, etc.  My thought process on this issue is that whoever is doing the shooting – must have mental health issues – so I wanted to incorporate this into my “teaching” process at home with the girls.  I actually had a conversation with the girls high school Principal about what they do about mental health issues at the school – he told me that they actually have a full-time Mental Health Counselor on staff at school every day of the week – and that she is busy from 6 in the morning until 6 at night.  It is real and I am glad that our high school is addressing the issues with the kids!

I have also found myself through the years having “very stressful” periods of time that I could very well say that I was going through a “depression”.  But I have always found that a few “tweaks” of my lifestyle was all I needed to “get out of it”.  Some of these periods have been longer than others but ultimately, I have climbed out myself without the help of a doctor.  I have never been a “doctor” type person, or a “medication” type person.  I cannot even remember to take a vitamin once a day.

So, a few years ago, I took an online business course through  Marie Forleo has pretty much changed my life in the “online internet business” arena.  She taught me through her online business course mostly everything I know today about making a living from the internet.  Once you take her course, you have LIFETIME ACCESS to every year’s course – which she updates every year.  It is well worth the money and she will have a great impact on your life as well as she did mine!

Every Tuesday morning, I get an email from Marie.TV and her weekly video – and today she interviewed Kelly Brogan, who is a Certified Psychiatrist, MIT Cognitive Neuroscientist and Researcher who says that you can actually treat yourself for depression and stress all by changing your diet and with NO MEDICATION!  I love her already! She tells us about her “holistic approach”, science-backed way of treating yourself for all different symptoms and conditions.

You need to watch this YouTube Video of the interview – it is amazing how much we can do for ourselves without medication and with just a change in our diet, a few minutes of exercise a week and some meditation!  I am looking into the meditation process she uses and I will report my findings in a post when I finish.

This video is about a half hour long – but I was riveted in listening to her every word! She is amazing and I think that she does AMAZING work! We can all heal ourselves without doctors and without medication just by “getting back to basics”!

Please watch this video and leave your comment below! I am excited to see what you think!

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