Magical Kenya

For those of us not ready to start traveling abroad yet, there are many different events that you can go to that you can learn about other countries and cultures.

So my friend Mary, who is from Kenya, invited me to an event on Friday night called Magical Kenya through Destination Fridays. Apparently, the Broward Cultural Center hosts a different country on the first Friday of each month, and April was for “Magical Kenya”.  It was held at the African-American Cultural Center in Fort Lauderdale.

It was only $10 per person and you got to eat, drink, dance and watch the drummers!  Lots of raffle prizes too!  Really a great evening learning about the culture of my very good friend!

We had an amazing time!  They had A LOT of FOOD!  This was my plate and I ATE THE WHOLE THING!  It was delicious.  Yellow rice, greens, chicken stew, flatbread and a sweet bread.  DELICIOUS!  It was catered by in Oakland Park, FL

Then we drank!  There was all the wine you wanted, and they gave us drink tickets for the Kenyan drink of the night!  Vodka, lime juice and honey!  Didn’t sound very good – but it really was!  A little too strong for both of us – we ended up having to add orange juice to it for us to be able to drink it all!  I know, we are “lightweights”!  I totally forgot about the event when I was getting dressed that morning – so here you see me “au natural” with no makeup and jeans!  Oh well – I will remember next time – I promise!

Then the fun started!  They had real Kenyan music playing – it was really great!  the Kenyans danced and were having so much fun!  I took a video – but it was too big to upload!  They were all dressed in their native dress!  The girl here in the pink outfit was our host.  Her name was Wanji and later on after the dancing, she showed us a video of Kenya – it is the most beautiful place and there are so many things to do.

You can check out the Kenya Tourism website here – it’s called MAGICAL KENYA

Then we went into the auditorium and were treated to a duo of the best drummers I have ever seen!  They were really amazing and were very interactive with the audience!

Then they had raffles prizes!  Tickets to see shows, jewelry and all sorts of things!

We had a really great time!  Mary is going to Kenya in November to spend the holidays with her family and if all goes well this year, I am going to try and go with her for the first 2 weeks.  What other way to visit a country that you have never been to than to go with a native – who can show you things that most tourists would never find!  I can’t wait!

So May is scheduled for the country of PERU!  We will keep you up to date with the details – and as soon as we know – you will know – maybe you want to meet us there!

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