Do you like to travel for pleasure, but hate staying in a hotel? Here is the answer!

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HouseCarers fits homeowners that need someone to stay and take care of their home (sometimes with pets) with registered house sitters.  It is the perfect scenario for travellers who can travel at their leisure and take the time to make arrangements (usually months or weeks in advance) to get to the house where the homeowners need help.  Some people need you to stay just for a few days while others need you to stay for months at a time!  How does that sound?  Visit another state or country for a few months and not have to pay anything to do it! have houses that you can visit in over 65 countries all over the world.  Instead of paying for a hotel, you can use the house that you are sitting for as your home “base”.  The owners of the house are happy because they have someone they can trust staying in their house while they are away and you are happy because you are not paying for a stinky hotel with a crappy bed!

For me, it is the best option to travel and work at the same time.  I can take trips to wherever someone needs a house sitter/pet sitter – and I get to go places without costing a lot of money!

Here are some testimonials from the website:









Here is an example that I took off the site today!  Anyone want to go to Hawaii for free for a few weeks?




Here are some of the benefits for House Sitters:










Check it out – it is a great option to paying the high prices of hotels!

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