To make money with “affiliate marketing” means that you get paid to send your followers through links on your website to certain stores or products and services.  You see a lot of advertisements on other bloggers pages that are advertising other companies’ products and services.  They are actually making a commission from sending you to those advertisers.

The first company that I want to bring to your attention is – which I feel is one of the best out there.  They have over 10,000 advertisers in their network that you can make money from by advertising their products and services.  Anything from tax services to the major department stores, to travel companies and computer stores.

Here is an example of what I am talking about.  The next holiday coming up is St. Patrick’s Day in a few days.  Here is a promotion for Target stores – you can save 20% on home and an extra 10% with promo code STPATRICK – if you click on this link.  If you end up purchasing products, then I make a commission on what you buy.  It does not affect the buyer’s price in anyway.

Save up to 20% on home + an extra 10% with promo code STPATRICK- furniture, bedding, décor & rugs, dining & entertaining. Valid 3/13-3/18

In the past, department stores and large companies paid to actually advertise in the newspaper and flyers to get their sales promotions to their buyers.  If you think about it, these days many of the major department stores are closing some of their brick and mortar stores – why?  Because most of us are shopping online now.  And how does the store get “traffic” to their online stores – by using bloggers like you and me who will do their advertising for them – and they pay us a commission when we are successful.  How much easier can it get?

So with  you have to register with them and they will look at your website and then send you an approval.  Once you are approved with FlexOffers, you will go through their advertisers and apply with each individual company.  Once you are approved, you can get your links to place on your website or blog.  You have a huge choice of what kind of banners or text links for each store or company.

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