Stop Biting Your Nails

So I have been biting my nails ALL MY LIFE!  I have always had the acrylic fake nails and I really got tired of it. I decided to give this stuff a try after seeing it on the Rachel Ray show one day.  It really, really works!  It took about 3 weeks and this is what my nails looked like. My nails still have some ridges in them, but I am so impressed with this product – I just had to tell you about it!


It’s like under $5 bucks plus shipping.  It really works – try it!


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    1. Cled: I have been biting my nails for all my life and YES – it really made me stop putting my fingers in my mouth! I was really surprised but you can see by the picture – in about 3 weeks my nails were grown and look great!

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